1. Processing times

The processing time of your order begins at the moment of debit. By credit card, this debit is immediate and your order is processed the same day. For delayed payments (check, transfer) the debit will take a few extra days, and delay the delivery of your order.

2. Means of payment

To pay your orders on Optik-Lab.com we offer different payment methods:

2.1 Payment by credit card online:

For maximum security, we have chosen to develop our own secure payment solution Securing is done using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology which is currently the most reliable on the Internet. Your credit card number and expiry date are always encrypted and never circulate unencrypted on the network. The blue cards, VISA and Eurocard-Mastercard are accepted.

2.2 Payment by check:

You can pay by check payable to Optik-Lab and send it to 6, Avenue des Margurites 94380 Bonneuil sur Marne. Your order will be processed immediately and we will ship your order upon receipt of your check, delivery times will be a little longer than for a payment by credit card.

2.3 Payment by bank transfer:

You can pay by bank transfer, you just have to choose at the end of your order "Payment by Bank Transfer". Your information will be immediately treated confidentially and your order will be validated upon acceptance of your transfer.

2.4 Payment by Paypal:

Subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions of the website www.paypal.fr

3. Secure payment:

Our site has made the security of its online transactions a priority. Our commitment in this area is unqualified:

- Security: your bank details are encrypted

- Privacy: data is not stored on our servers

- Insurance: all our transactions are insured

- Fraud Control: Verifying Consumer Identity

Data encryption: The secure credit card payment procedure we have implemented is based on the SSL data encryption protocol, a real reference in this field. This procedure consists of encrypting the information on your own terminal, even before it is transferred over the Internet.

Clearly, when you make an acquisition on our site, you are informed that you are entering a secure area where you can leave your bank details. The only information circulating on the network is a random number unrelated to your card number.

Data privacy: In addition to being encrypted, your bank details are not stored on our servers. That's why they are required for each new transaction on our site.

4. Fraud Control:

Optik Lab has implemented an order verification procedure to ensure that no one is using the bank or personal details of another person without their knowledge. As part of this verification, the customer may be asked to send by fax, mail or e-mail a copy of a Kbiss, a piece of identification and a proof of address. The order will only be validated upon receipt of these parts.

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